What To Expect From A Marketing Agency in Singapore?

A digital agency in Singapore can turn out to be the life blood for your business. But, with many such agencies, it will really be confusing in finding one. The agencies are available in different sizes. This means that there are large established agencies, middle-level, and entry-level agencies. You can choose one based on your needs.


When you compare different agencies, you will find that some agencies are specialized in certain tasks or specific industries. Even, some are specialized in particular distribution channels for marketing. You can hire some of them as virtual assistants, while some are part of a huge agency.

Constantly changing niche

Digital marketing is a constantly changing industry. With the emergence of different marketing channels, it is turning out to be complex industry too. The reason is that companies look for user engagement through multiple channels. They wish to build interactions to get a comprehensive view of the potential market.

Hiring an agency

Hiring a digital agency Singapore should feel like very much like hiring a long-term employee. After all, the concept is the same; you pay them to get things done for you. To put it simply, the process should encompass:

  • Identifying your requirements clearly.
  • Understanding your needs will help with narrowing down as you can look for companies with specific skills.
  • Even after this, you will have a substantial amount of companies in your list. How to narrow down?

Here are certain things you should expect in the process of selecting an agency:

Task or industry specialization

If you look for help regarding paid search, you should pay attention to agencies that specialize in this arena. Otherwise, you can go for companies with industry-specific specialization. For instance, if you are an education industry, you can choose an agency with many customers in this industry. Even, you can work with generalists, but when you work with task or industry specific experts, you can expect better results.

How is the company different from others?

It is a competitive world. The niche has a number of agencies and most are fundamentally the same. You might be interested in selecting an agency that stands out of the rest. Here are certain questions to find the answer to in this regard:

  • How are their strategies better than competitors?
  • What do they offer that others do not?
  • How are they qualified as compared to other agencies in the industry?


When you search for the potential digital marketing agency, you can get help from your known people. Recommendations will help you move on with a company with the utmost level of confidence. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship with the agency right from the beginning. Here, you should expect positive recommendations about an agency.

Online presence

You should expect that the company should have a good online presence itself. If the agency has a website that is not designed well, it is better to keep away. If they are not in the top ranks in search engines at least in your local SEO, it is better to think twice before hiring. In short, spending a small amount of time online will help you judge about the digital marketing agency.

Past and recent works

Have a look at their website and you can also ask them to provide samples of their past works. When viewing the sites, check whether they go with your requirements. Identify whether the agency will help you with achieving your marketing goals and brand image.

Strategic attention

Identify what the digital agency will really deliver you. Are there any ways to quantify the results? On the basis of your margins, you can ask them to set goals. Also, you can ask them about how to track of success of the campaigns. Enquire about the strategies they will follow to bring in specific results. Moreover, you can ask them about the return you can expect from the investment you make on them.


When you talk with an agency, you should expect complete transparency in their dealings. They should explain their works clearly and how they will charge you for their works. They should have a clear idea about reporting methods and deliverables for your business.

Tools used for digital marketing

You should not forget to gather details on the digital marketing instruments that the company will use. Once you gather this detail, check whether the tools they use are up-to-date. Also, identify whether they will help with optimization, research and development.

Attention to value and not cost

When comparing different agencies, you should see that the company should not first quote their cost. If they do this before they even try to understand your business, their focus will be purely on money. They should first show interest towards understanding your business and its target market. They should also evaluate that they can frame the right strategies for your business before moving on with money dealings. If they converse frequently about price and less about value, it is better to keep away. The reason is that they will never try out different strategies to help your business achieve its marketing goals.

Does the agency fit in?

A good relationship is important between you and your marketing agency. You should like the individuals with whom you will be working to ensure a successful flow. You should be in a position to converse without any hesitation and there should be open conversations. They should have good interest towards your business development. In addition, they should value their employees and provide a trusting work atmosphere for them. The reason is that they will bring out successful strategies, only when they have satisfied team of experts.

Brand alignment

They should give utmost importance to protecting and also strengthening the brand image of their clients. This should be done for performance marketing that can actually be tracked. To safeguard branding, it is important for organizations to hire an agency specialized in performance marketing. Without affecting quality, they should protect and should upgrade your brand image.

Last but not least, you should expect a great degree of digital marketing advise from the agency in order to get the best results for your business. If they are unable to provide you with this, they are simply not fit to be appointed as your agency of record. There are many digital marketing agencies in a place like Singapore, take your time and carefully assess each one before making your decision. All the best!

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